Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Progress and Re-Give Away

A few more tidbits of progress!

Here are all the many bias strips which will be the sleeves and neck ruffle of the dress.

Sleeve Flower Ruffles

Neck/Collar ruffles -pleats basted in

Last, I know this is a bizarre little thing to be thrilled about, but I'm tickled with my piping.


It's a layer of the crepe back satin underlined in organza with a piece of cording. I used my narrow zipper foot to sew it. I've never made piping before, and this was a cinch and came out looking just perfect. And now my beady little brain is thinking about all the projects I could add piping to! Does that happen to you? Also, although this is only one line of stitching, this is the first piece of the satin that I've sewn by machine; I'm considerably relieved that it sewed up so beautifully and without any problems.

On to the Re-Giveaway
So, it's been more than two weeks since I announced the Threads Magazine Issue #135 give away winner, and I haven't heard a peep from her, either via email or on the blog. So, I'm going to draw a new winner on Friday.  If you signed up the first time, I'll just re-enter you. If you'd like to be in it this time, just leave a comment by midnight (EDT) on Thursday.

Here are the deets, as previously posted:

One of the things I did to prepare for this dress sewing marathon is buy Threads issue 135 (Feb/Mar 2008) which has an article by Susan Khalje on sewing the perfect Little Black Dress. It arrived on Friday. Um, twice. Somehow, I must have clicked two times or something, but it appears that I ordered two copies. So, my unexpected gain is your gain, too. Just let me know in a comment (by Wednesday - midnight EDT) (Now by Thursday midnight EDT) if you'd like the magazine and I will do a drawing for it. It has some terrific articles in addition to the LBD one including articles on 5 essential hand stitches (I'm already practicing my pickstitch), Creating Couture Lingerie, Underlinings vs Interlining, Bias cut sleeves, and an interview with Charles Kleibacker. It's a really good issue. (And now that I am using it, I can doubly endorse it: it's great!)

Oh, and don't fear, there are other, new giveaways coming...


Mar-Mar said...

Just to let you know Clio, I am anxiously awaiting any progress on the dress! Good luck and happy stitching!


Karin said...

I'd be pleased with myself over that piping too! This dress is going to be amazing.

allie mae said...

I would love the mag.. Luck be a lady! :D

Anonymous said...

Put my name in the giveaway hat, please.
Can't wait to see how the dress comes out. It looks very labour-intensive.
ghainskom at yahoo dot com

Tanit-Isis said...

That's EXACTLY how I felt the first time I made piping! Careful, it's addictive ;). That dress is going to be soooo fabulous.

I'll throw my hat in for the magazine, it looks fab! tanitsis (at) gmail (dot) com

Summer Flies said...

I'll put my hat in again too!.. I have been studying so not too much time for blog surfing for another 6 weeks so I'll put my email just in case

Thanks for the chance. I just saw your red jumpsuit .. wow, very nice.