Sunday, September 25, 2011

Give Away!

Well, it's chaos here. It's Sunday and I've arrived home from London. Phin is in Jamaica for a funeral and won't be home until tomorrow. I'm jet lagged and can't find the camera. 

So, to start off the week, instead of talking about the hand sewn sleeves of my dress - which are fully done - but not showing any pictures, let's just do a giveaway. M'kay?

A few books have come my way recently, and I don't think I'll get to use them in the near future - Sew What! Fleece by Carol Jessup and Kata Gold's Hand Stitched Felt (updates 9/26: apologies - I had the name of this book wrong at first! I hope you realized I meant "Hand Stitched FELT" and not fleece! It's the jet lag - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). And even thought it's only September, I can't help but thinking that the holidays are coming and these have some excellent crafty gift ideas. (Or some cute things for you, too!) Both would be great for a beginner (a sewist-to-be!) or for someone more experienced who's interested in some fun and easy projects.

Anyway, leave a comment saying whether you are interested in both books or just one of them before Wednesday at noon (EDT). I'll do the drawing that night.

More on the sleeves and the dress to come. With the wedding on Friday, we're in the final countdown and it's crunch time!


MySummerTouch said...

I'm interested in Sew What! Fleecw by Carol Jessup book, because sewing fleece is the easiest ever! In fact, I just TODAY dought fleece to make a sweat pants and hook for my daughter!! I'd LOVE to have it!!

Jodie said...

Oooh I'm the first commenter....I'd love either book as I teach beginner sewists and am always on the lookout for new resources. Good luck on the dress!

Mar-Mar said...

Sign me up for the drawing please!! Easy sewing sounds like my level of expertise!

I can't wait to see picture of the dress, and more importantly, of you in the dress! I am depending on you, Doctor K and her hubby for pics of Magenta's wedding. I hope there is no restrictions on posting pics online!


Tanit-Isis said...

Ooh, sign me up. I tend to be ambivalent about stitching presents but my kids are full-gung-ho about it, and some guidance would be lovely. I'd love either book, with a slight preference for the fleece one. :)

Good luck with that pesky jet-lag!