Monday, September 19, 2011

Honeymoon Cake: 1 Part Lace, 2 Parts Silk

The project dress is basted together and the sleeve pieces are packed and heading with me to London this morning. So, this weekend I took a momentary break from sewing for a side project related to Magenta's wedding: A Lingerie Cake.

Dr Kiang did a MUCH better job than me at making panties into flowers!
Magenta didn't want a bachelorette party, per se. We're kinda past the age where a crazy all-night do is appealing. So, I organized a dinner in her honor, just for the close circle of long-time friends, as a last hurrah for her single years. The centerpiece was an all grown up version of the ubiquitous baby shower diaper cake created by me and Dr Kiang. We covered and filled hat boxes with lingerie, small bottles of liquor and other honeymoon-appropriate, um, accessories. Sheila inspired the project (thanks, Sheila!). It was a big hit.

Anyway, I'm off but have a few posts and giveaways planned. Sadly - very very! - I'll be working from almost the moment I get off the plane until I head back to Heathrow. And I'll have both day and evening commitments. It will not be an easy week. Next time I go to London, I am definitely going to add a few days on to the end of my trip and see if I can meet with some other sewistas.  


The Slapdash Sewist said...

Sorry to hear that your trip will be all work and no play. :( Sad. Love the cakes!

Sheila said...

The faux cakes are so pretty. I made one for my sister's birthday and it was a hit. I filled each box with several nip bottles of Ciroc. I was lucky to find round nesting boxes at a discount store.