Monday, November 29, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Wrap-Up and PANTS!!!

I seem to say this quite often these days, but it is true: this week did not go according to plan.  I should have taken the advice I gave to the turkeys, and run for my life.

My hopes for spending most of the week in the Craft Lounge evaporated in a haze of last minute house guests, a Thanksgiving Day allergy meltdown and a nasty bout of stomach flu. Yuck. Basically, I was just really feeling better in time to go back to work today.

Today's outfit

That said, I was very happy this morning to slip into my new grey trousers, my one sewing accomplishment for the week.

As a quick recap, the pattern is Simplicity 2700, same as the black pants I finished/reviewed in September. This version is in a light grey tropical wool suiting from Metro Textiles and is lined in a grey bemberger rayon. The fabric was beautiful to work with and, aside from my little flubs it all came together beautifully and easily.

I think the one area that I really need improvement is my hand sewing. I hand sewed the hems with a loose catch stitch. The stitches are invisible, which is as it should be, but the hem is not. See how you can see the outline of the turned up part of the hems in the photo?  Any suggestions for how I can avoid hem show-through? Aside from the hem, I am totally happy with these trousers.

I am even more happy to say that, aside from an overnight trip to Chicago, I don't have any work travel in December. Pphew! So, I'm feeling recharged and ready to finally tackle my Lady Grey muslin. Also,next up in the pants department are the dark grey pinstriped version of Simplicity 2700 without hip pockets. The fabric is already cut and ready to sew. Plus, this week I will update you on progress (um, or lack of) on my cami muslin.

And now, back to your regular schedule of posts...


Karin said...

A new pair of pants is a pretty result for a week, I think! I am not so good at hand hemming either. I don't know if there is a special technique for stitches not showing through or not. I just try to catch as little of the right side fabric as possible. Seems like there must be some sort of clever trick though!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Boo on life for interfering with your sewing plans, but great pants are some consolation, I hope.