Monday, October 18, 2010

Lady Grey Muslin 2.1

A business trip at the end of the week and into the weekend kept me from posting about changes to my Lady Grey muslin. It also kept me out of the Craft Lounge.  So, here is an update on how things were going as of last week.

Things are starting to come along. I did some strategic pinning, taking in all the seams by about 1/4 inch from shoulder to a little above the waist.

From the front with a bit of the collar pinned out to prevent gaping.

From the back - definitely an improvement from this.

From the side - less gaping.
Here is another view of the back.
I may need to do a little more pinning across the back. Plus I need to finalize how much to pin out of the lapel so there isn't gaping in the front and work on the sleeves. However, I think that once I have sewn this up in my wool boucles, sewn in the stabilizers and added a lining, this will fit pretty well with the right amount of ease. I think that some of the little distortions are caused by the pins, and by the extra ease. It is just so difficult to judge the back! I don't want to make the muslin too fitted and then have my jacket be snug.  

Anyway, that is where I am with this project - let me know your thoughts!


Heather said...

This is lookin' really good!!

Debi said...

Looks great!

Karin said...

It looks good. I am not sure I'd take anymore out of the back. I am thinking that in heavier fabric with interfacing and lining and bulky clothes underneath, it might be just about right!

Marie-Christine said...

Can I ask a stupid question? Why are you working on a coat muslin in a t-shirt? If you live in the Northeast, you could probably count on a sweater underneath most of the time. If you add to that the ease subtleties of fabric thickness, not to mention the space taken up by lining, you're preparing a well-fitting but too small coat for yourself..

Clio said...

Marie-Christine - Good question. But in truth, sweaters make me itch and I rarely wear long sleeves or bulky tops. So, that top is actually pretty representative of what I would wear underneath.

Karin - I think you are right.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

gwensews said...

Your muslin looks really good. Looks like you have a great bodice fit. Now for sleeves.