Thursday, May 20, 2010

Post-Vacation Regrouping and Motivation

Sometimes, a forced holiday from a hobby because of work, vacation, injury or fatigue from a time-consuming project can be a good thing. However, in the last month several of these circumstances have converged for me, and every one of my hobbies except travel has been on hold. It's been a month since I've done any kind of sewing (project fatigue and travel), 5 weeks since cooking or baking (travel and the Christening outfit), a month since my last run (injured big toe followed by a chest cold), and my yoga practice has been on hiatus since mid February (bursitis in my right shoulder). Even my blogging has been haphazard. Perhaps I was pushing myself too hard to do all of these things? Naaahh.

Whatever the case, vacation is over, my suitcase has finally made it home from an extended vacation without me in Spain, and I am back with a vengeance - energized and motivated. My shoulder has been good as new in the 2 yoga classes I've taken since Saturday and I am going to go for a run this evening. I'm not sure what to cook or bake first, but I will let you know.

On the sewing front, I got together with Erato on Sunday to help her pin fit her jeans, chat about sewing and pore through the latest Burda and my sewing patterns to decide what to work on next. Obviously, I have to get back to my pants muslin, which I left in good shape since Phineas did manage to pin fit the pants without goring me. But I want a few things to work on when I am not feeling like working on the pants. So here is what is up next (in no particular order):

On this one, I plan to make the top, but with short or no sleeves. If it goes well, you may see it as a dress in the fall.

This may be the top I tackle first. I love the neckline - it is an almost universally flattering cut. I plan to make the short sleeve version.

Finally, having a really great and versatile tee pattern will give me lots of options for fun tops year-round. I already have a number of ideas for variations which will elevate it above the basic tee.

Oh, and I should mention that both this top and the HP Calm, Cool and Cowl neck top are in the UFO pile while I figure out whether I want to finish them or not.

This weekend, I will be digging out the Craft Lounge, organizing myself and getting down to work. It's good to be back!

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The Slapdash Sewist said...

It's good to be back! I'm glad to hear your energy and motivation have returned and your body is letting you do what you want.