Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sewing Impossible: Mission 2

I think that everyone who sews must sooner or later get a call from a desperate friend or family member who needs a quick alteration. This was my other sewing challenge for the weekend.

The Mission: alter a sundress Polyhymnia will wear to a tropical destination wedding

Deadline: Yesterday - she is on a plane to Punta Cana right now!

The Challenges: (In her own words.)
"1) I will probably need a dart put in the cups towards the side of the cup near to my underarm. There is extra material there.

"2) If we could sew the V in the front closed just about one inch more, it will help hide my cleavage better and my bra, too.

"3) The empire waist is created from a piece of stretchy elastic that runs through it, but the extra material is all in the back, causing the back to hang down too far. It's so loose, I don't even need to use the zipper - I can just pull it over my head. Here's the problem - if you try to pull the back tighter to take measurements, the elastic around the front springs into action.


When I surveyed the scene, she was exactly on target - the underarms gaped, the back was too loose and the neckline was too plunging for my sister. But 4 darts and some hand stitching later, the dress fit. This all sounds very anti climactic, but it was actually very exciting that I made something fit, and without any kind of instructions. It was a small victory for a new sewist!

Have fun in Costa Rica, Poly!!


Sarah & John said...

The dress looks great! You know Poly had been eying that dress since her birthday. I am so glad you were able to make it perfect for her! Great Work!

Magenta said...

YAY! And I love the dress! Congrats!

Clio said...

Oh yay! I didn't know that. Poly has an eye - she always has.

I also gave her the sarong pants, which are done and she promised a picture of her in them in Punta Cana in return.