Monday, February 4, 2008

In Pieces

Last week I cut out all the fabric pieces for the clutch purse I'm making for Calliope. It really didn't look like it would - or could - transform into a purse. In fact, it looked more like a pile of scraps.
So, I wasn't feeling very optimistic when I began to assemble the purse yesterday. But by the end of the afternoon, I was about 1/3 done. And it's coming out better than I had hoped! Here is what I completed.

Think of it folded in half from top to bottom - ruffle on one side and flap pocket on the other - to get the idea of what it will ultimately look like from the outside.

Right now it is all just basted together, which is why there are many extraneous little threads, especially on the ruffle.

Look at my ruffle!

Next I will work on the inside and spine. And finally it will get a zipper and a wrist strap.

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