Monday, November 6, 2017

Using my TNT Trouser Pattern Again Or You Know How I Love a Jumpsuit

September and October were a blur of long hours and work travel, Taco giving up his nap and fun projects like judging the Pattern Review Sewing Bee that kept me off the blog. So, it seems like a good moment to catch up on summer projects and reflect on what I've been up to, especially what I've been doing with my TNT trousers.

What good is a TNT pattern if you don't really work it? Since I first sewed what became my TNT trousers just about a year ago, I've used the pattern seven times to make a variety of trousers or make pattern changes to other trouser patterns.

One version that you haven't seen is this jumpsuit. You know that I love a good jumpsuit.

To make this rayon challis jumpsuit, I eliminated the waist darts of my trouser pattern, like I had done in my easy summer pants version.

For the top, I used Vogue 9116.  I had sewn up the other view earlier in the summer and was pretty happy with it.  So I decided to give the strapless version a try.  Since I was sewing this jumpsuit up in a woven fabric and the pattern is designed for a knit, I was careful to make sure that the smallest part of the top was still large enough to fit over my hips. Happily, this also made the top and the bottom match up just about perfectly at the waist, saving me from having to do any sort of frankenpattern fixing.

The only other sewing details worth mentioning is that I did a little bit of print matching between the top and bottom pieces.  Aside from that, this was a tremendously easy to sew all-in-one outfit. I wore it styled like this for brunches, MPB day and relaxed occasions, and dressed it up with heels and bold jewelry for evening. This was definitely my most worn outfit for social occasions this summer because of how versatile it is.

The only other version of my TNT trousers that you haven't seen yet is one I sewed up this summer in off-white pinstriped linen and failed to photograph. It was part of my epic fabric cutting spree.

On that version I moved the zipper to the side seam, extended the front and back rise in order to eliminate the need for a separate waistband, and instead faced the waist with grosgrain ribbon. I also eliminated the hip pockets. They are packed away for the winter now.

BurdaStyle 9/2010 #115

I'd add some final thoughts on my TNT here, but I'm very far from finished working with this pattern. So what I will say for now is that having a really great fitting trouser pattern has made sewing pants a sure thing rather than a fitting crucible. Dare I say that a well fitting crotch is a thing of beauty? There. I said it. Anyway, I've barely scratched the surface with all the things I can do with my TNT trousers, so do expect to see more of it in the future.

In closing, here are the five versions you have already seen....  Three sewn basically according to the pattern, one as a summer pull on pant and one jumpsuit, where I used my TNT to alter the crotch of the jumpsuit pattern. So, seven uses so far for my TNT.

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PS - Yaaaaaaay Jumpsuits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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