Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Belated Taco Halloween

I try to learn from my failures...

Halloween 2015

... Like last Halloween when Taco was so very unhappy in his hippo costume and cried for all of the 5 minutes he wore it. So, this year we went with a more clothing-like approach to Halloween.

Taco loves trains. And I love Taco in overalls. So, we decided that he would be an engineer. It was Phin's idea. (Yay Phin!)

Halloween 2016

I already had striped denim in my stash. I had purchased it in the spring before I sewed his first pair of overalls.

I used the same pattern, KwikSew 3145, but in the next size and lengthened. The pattern envelope also has a baseball hat pattern included. So, that became the hat for the costume.  A white shirt and red bandanna finished the look. As I anticipated, Taco wanted nothing to do with the bandanna and hat. But he did look winning in his overalls.

Trick-or-treat HQ at Clio-and-Phinland

I simplified the construction just a bit. As drafted, these overalls have 6 pockets, which amounts to a lot of top stitching.  I eliminated the bib pocket on the front and the painters pocket on the back. I also used a simple running stitch for the top stitching instead of the more time consuming back stitch that I favor for making top stitching stand out. Those two simple changes made the project much less time consuming.

I do plan to sew 1-2 more pairs of overalls with this pattern. However, I will be taking them in a bit. These ones really are rather wide on my skinny little dude. At this point they are also long, but he will grow into them.

One blue lollypop

As for Halloween, while Trick-or-Treating was a bit beyond his grasp this year, Taco did enjoy helping us give out candy and investigating the front porches and Halloween decorations of some of our neighbors. He didn't seem to understand the getting candy part of the transaction and preferred to just say hi. He also ate his very first candy: a blueberry lollypop which left his lips and tongue blue.

We had a great time as a family.

And Taco was happy to be outside on such a beautiful Autumn day.

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