Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Taco: Is There Anything Cuter Than Overalls on a Toddler?

I love dressing Taco in overalls. I think they are the cutest of the cute for him. Here is an abundance of sickeningly cute Taco cuteness on the playground with Grandma Muse, "modeling" his new KwikSew 3145 overalls.

I haven't told you much about Taco recently. At 16+ months he is precociously daring. He was an early walker, and since his first steps has not really looked back. That may sound like I'm bragging, but other parents of early walkers know it's really a cry for help. He is the kind of baby who - if you take your eye off him for 10 seconds - will suddenly be standing on top of the kitchen table helping himself to a banana. (Yes, that really happened. In 10 seconds. He loves bananas. And climbing.)

Taco is happiest outside. When he wants to go out, he will go get his shoes or his outdoor ball and stand by the front door or the stroller, waiting until Phin or I acquiesce.  And really, how could you not give in to this little face...

So, really, Taco is keeping his parents young, or at least fit, because of all of the cardio involved in chasing after him.

Anyway, back to the overalls... The stars seemed to align for this project. I have jeans sewing supplies on hand because I'm working on Ginger Jeans for myself. Plus, I received several pieces of stretch denim from my sister, who decided one summer that she was going to sew jeans for herself regardless of the fact that she had never sewn before. It worked out as you would expect. And there was a pattern sale, so Kwik Sew 3145 made its way to my pattern stash.

Taco is rather small for his age and slim for his height.  How typical that I would have a child with special fitting needs!  Pants that are long enough generally slide down as he walks, runs and plays, while pants that fit his middle are too short, which is another reason why overalls work so well for him. So, I sewed a lengthened version of the size L (12 mos), which are still quite baggy on him. There is enough length to cuff them for now, but that will change soon.

Grandma won't let Taco fall...

This may sound silly, but one of the reasons that I really like this pattern is that it is the only baby overall pattern I found that had an actual overalls back.

Kwik Sew K3145 

Most baby overall patterns simply end at the back waist and have crisscrossed straps, like McCall's M7038 below. There is nothing wrong with a more simplified pattern - especially for baby clothes - but it just isn't what I wanted in this case.

McCalls M7038

I have to confess, these were a fair amount of work for something that Taco will outgrow or that will be too warm to wear in 3 months. They are every bit as detailed as adult overalls, just in miniature. There was a huge amount of top stitching, which I executed well, but not precisely. Perfectly fine for a tot, but for an adult garment I would take more care.

The pattern and instructions were very clear and accurate; everything went together perfectly and simply. But if you make these overalls, I strongly advise changing around the order. As written, the instructions have you dancing between the iron and sewing machine an inordinate number of times. Essentially, it has you construct all the pockets one by one - press, top stitch, press again, top stitch to the pants, repeat for each pocket type - instead of doing them in a batch. Silly.

I also saved myself a little bit of work by having the button holes sewn at Jonathan Embroidery and the leg snaps set at Star Snaps, both in the NY garment district. It cost $10 for the two services ($7 for 10 snaps and $3 for 2 button holes.) I am very happy with the quality.

After all that work, you would think I would be done with this pattern, but these overalls are so adorable that I do have a next pair planned. I even have the fabric ready. However, I will likely hold off until summer has passed. (Wow, even as I write this, I'm waffling and talking myself into another, simplified version to do now. LOL. They are so very cute, aren't they?)

Anyway, we had a lovely afternoon at the playground with Grammy, and even managed to snap a few pictures of my Sutton top, which will be the next post. You can get a sneak peak in some of these photos.

 But why would you be looking at me when there is Taco?

Edited: OK, one more shot I just found on my phone because it shows the back so well. Taken on our front lawn earlier in the day...

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