Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse: Not As Bad As You Think

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I'm back in my own timezone for a few days and thought I'd give you some cheery news about the impending Zombie Apocalypse.

As you know, here at Clio & Phineas HQ we take ZA preparedness seriously.

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So, it was with relief that I read that the impending doom will not be as bad as originally predicted. Apparently, Mother Nature will kick some serious zombie a$$. Yay, nature!

As for me, after much consideration, I've decided to share my top secret strategy for surviving the first wave with you: Zombies don't swim. Phin and I do. We'll be headed out to sea in our neighbor's boat, where the undead can't get us. Our neighbor doesn't know this yet, and I'm pretty sure that Phin and I can outrun him along with the hoard.

Anyway, have a great Halloween. I'm taking my nephews trick-or-treating today, but will be back to my usual mischief soon.


Clio said...

And Happy Halloween to you too!

Clio said...

LOL! That's cheering-- I had to leave the room last night during a particularly horrible scene in "The Walking Dead" and I don't think I've got what it takes to survive long in a zombie apocalypse! Get 'em, bacteria!

Clio said...

I feel like all tv has been a little more gross/gruesome in the last two weeks. I've definitely been closing my eyes and asking Phin to tell me when it's over.

Clio said...


Clio said...

I am so doomed when the zombies arrive... How much time can I buy offering them my homemade and canned applesauce?