Thursday, January 17, 2013

Solutions for the Slip Snip

Or is that Snip Slip? You decide.

Thank you all for the comments on my last post! Not that I want anyone to have a sewing disaster, but it is somewhat encouraging to know that we've all been there. So, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the good ideas you all mentioned for fixing my little errant snip.

Luckily for me, the hole is 1 - tiny; 2- very near the hem; and 3 - right at one of the front princess seams. So, there are a number of ways I can strategically fix it.

Here's what I've got in the stash:

Red Lace Trim

Re-hemming shorter or adding a wider trim
Either is a pretty easy fix. I have enough of all but the top lace shown above to simply re-hem the slip above the snip.  Some of these trims are wider than the one I initially used (2nd from top), so I would be able to preserve the length of the slip.

Phin actually came up with the suggestion that I add a second row of the same lace on top of the snip so that the hem would have two tiers, sort of like this:

Vintage slip

I could use tulle, mesh or just some of the slip itself between the two rows of lace.

Adding a slit
Since the snip is right at one of the front princess seams, I could easily add a slit by opening the seam several inches and using the same lace trim that I hemmed with to edge the slit. Like this:

La Perla silk and lace slip

Adding an applique
There are two ways I could use an applique to cover the hole. The first is that I could just sew or iron on a simple applique to create a cute little motif and act as a patch for hole. I could use the flower trim in my stash (top in the above photo) or store bought hearts:

Wrights appliques

I would want to avoid anything that was embellished with beads or sequins - they would be liable to catch on the inside of whatever dress I wore over the slip. 

The other applique option is to buy some lace and cut out some of the motifs to create custom appliques, as detailed in this fantastic article in Threads. The idea is that the fabric underneath the applique would then be cut away, like this:

Threads - Create Couture Lingerie

Similarly, one suggestion was to do add a triangular lace insert over that spot. I had a hard time finding a picture illustrating this, but think it would be a bit like the lace treatment at the waist of these knickers, but in just one place - the offending place - at the hem.

Between the Sheets Lingerie

It would sort of give the impression of a slit, without there actually being one.

Contrast fabric/Color blocking
Inspired by the triangle idea, it occurred to me that a triangle of contrasting fabric could be color blocked into the skirt portion. I would probably use hot pink silk and then change the strap color also. I can't seem to find any picture illustrating this. 

Patching or Darning
I think in this case that patching or darning, unless camouflaged somehow, is just not feasible. On a busy pattern, this could be near-invisible. However on shiny stretch silk, this would be a disaster.

OK, so that is the menu of choices at this point. I kinda wish I could try them all. Stay tuned for what I decide and thanks, again, for all the sympathy and suggestions! 


Annie said...

I like the slit and extra lace. Who couldn't live with extra lace?

Phyllis Craine said...

I like the slit idea and the insert. The slit is the easier of the two although the insert is such a good idea no one would ever guess that is wasn't part of the original design. Don't like the applique idea because they always look like fake and like a coverup. Pre-made embroidered appliques are also kind of heavy due to the backing. If it was me I'd hand embroider a motif.

Clio said...

Yeah, that was my thinking with the appliques, too. Any that I thought were fun were either very heavy or had beading or sequins that would snag on clothing. The other problem with the applique in this case is that the hole is really too near the hem for any kind of nice looking placement for the applique.

Clio said...

Well, you know I like extra lace.

Tia Dia said...

Wow - that's a lot of choice from your stash! I'm for layers of lace - I really like that look!

Clio said...

Yeah, I don't really know how that happened since that's about 50% of the lace trim in my stash. Apparently, I like red!