Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm Not So Good at Letting Go: 2 Mini Reveals

Sometimes I just can't let go and I find myself going back to "edit" garments that I had once considered finished. Do you do this too?

I don't mean that I re-do something immediately after the first try on, but that weeks later I go back and improve (hopefully) a garment. Last weekend, it was my kimono. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but I decided that it would fit better if it was narrower thru the base of the neck.

So, I undid the seam and crack stitching at the back of the neck, made a pleat and reassembled. I'm much happier with the fit through the shoulders and neck now.

Added pleat

In addition, I couldn't quite let go of the kimono fabrics. The sleep bra fail still nagged at me. However, I know when a fail is a fail; I was unwilling to try to fix the bra. So, with very little fabric left post-bra, I decided on a sleep mask as a luxurious little companion piece for the kimono.

Sleep Mask from In Stitches by Amy Butler

It's not my best make, but I love it! The silk back side feels sooooo soft and lovely on my skin. I plan on taking this little bit of luxury with me on any future red eye flights.

Luxurious companions

So, am I the only one who continues to tinker with a project long after  is "finished" or has a hard time "letting go" of a fabric? Or do you do this sort of thing too?

Next up, I have 2 projects with shiny metallic fabrics! Yay!


LinB said...

Do you know the children's picture book "Something from Nothing," by Phoebe Gilman? It is a lovely folktale about a grandfather and a little boy, and a piece of fabric that starts out as a blanket and ends up as a tiny scrap. Your tale of the sleep mask reminded me of that old story.

Clio said...

I don't, but I'll have to check it out!

T. Sedai said...

I think it is common to tweak things after you have worn them - you can see where the problems are and how to make things more comfortable after you have worn them a bit. So, no, I don't think you are the only one to continually tweak "finished" garments.

House of Pinheiro said...

I often go back to edit so etching.. Because only wearing you notice things that bothers you and mainly fixable things ..

oonaballoona said...

ah, all the time! i feel slightly naughty doing it, especially if i've blogged about it, like i' m cheating. ?! love your fix & hurrah for the eye mask save. perfect.

Tia Dia said...

I'm constantly tweaking things after they're "finished"! It's that horrid perfectionist streak, I suppose... or, like I more positively like to look at it, more experience and education in the lovely realm of custom garment construction!

Marina said...

this is such a fun project, and I have never used a sleep mask - I should try!

AllisonC said...

The sleep mask is very cute. I think it is great that you went back and made your special kimono perfect for you. I wish I was more like you but I absolutely hate going back and making changes once something has been finished, to me it's like mending or altering RTW.

Clio said...

Yeah, I'm not into mending/altering either! But somehow I find this different.