Saturday, August 25, 2012

Falling Leaves Sweater Reveal

So, here it is: my first sweater!

Through no fault of my own, I think it fits reasonably well! I haven't really figured out how to customize the fit of anything when knitting yet.

The pattern is the "Leaf Panel Top" from Runway Knits by Berta Karapetyan.  You can actually buy the pattern from the School Products Yarn website without having to buy the whole book, although I think I'll get a lot of use from the book.

I feel like I cheated on this sweater a bit. First, it has no sleeves, which I'm sure made it easier to construct. Next, I basically marched myself into School Products Yarn and let Berta tell me what yarn to use rather than having to figure it out myself (I used Karabella Zodiac 100% mercerized cotton). Last, Berta is my knitting teacher, so when I got stuck in one spot, I simply marched back to the yarn store and let her straighten me out. I highly recommend being on a first name basis with the designer of your knitting patterns. ;-)

I really like the leaf motif. This was definitely a fun and pretty easy first sweater project.

Have a great weekend everyone! :


Faye Lewis said...

Oh my goodness, I'm almost jealous! It is so beautiful. Will you please teach me?

Peter said...

Wow -- it's beautiful! I am in awe of anyone who can knit a garment.

K-Line said...

Looks terrific! And I completely agree about finding a helper at your knitting store. That's saved my ass on many a project.

Lisette said...


T. Sedai said...

Pretty! Love the color, and the design. And the fit looks great too. All around awesome.

Mary Ann Daly said...

Such a great sweater! love the pattern! And a great fit to boot! Love it!

Have fun on vaca!


Meg the Grand said...

It turned out beautifully!! Love the color and the pattern of leaves is just stunning. Well done!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

So pretty! I love the color.