Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Sewing for Others: Halloween Edition

A few years ago, I made my nephew, Orpheus, Harry Potter Hogwarts robes for Halloween. He wore them for two Halloweens in a row. So, how could I refuse to help when he and his mom - my sister Calliope - called to say they were having trouble finding his preferred costume this year. (Seriously, "I love you, Aunt Clio" are the five most dangerous words in my universe. I am helpless in the face if their heart melting power.) So, I'm making a Goku costume.

Don't know who Goku is? Join the club. Apparently, he is an anime character from Dragonball Z, which is based on a Japanese manga series. If that sounds like Greek to you, that basically means that it's animated and martial arts heavy. Anyway, here's Goku:

Since this is pretty short order as far as my sewing goes, I bought a blue tee shirt from Old Navy, and I'll make the rest. I stopped by Spandex House today and picked up some orange and blue fabric. Since I won't be able to do a fitting, I figure that a stretchy fabric will give me the needed wiggle room. I'm going to use Kwik Sew 2276, which has just one pattern piece for the pants. Seriously, just sew the inseams, joint the right and left sides together, add an elastic waistband  and hem. Voila! Pants. 


I'll frankenpattern the KS top into the v-neck top that Goku wears over his blue shirt. I plan to do the majority of the sewing on my serger, so I'm hopefull that it will come together quickly.

Are you doing any Halloween sewing this year? For yourself or for someone else? 


Mar-Mar said...

Okay. I am also creating a Halloween for the soon to be 7-yr-old in my life. He is going to be Captain America. I cheated and bought several red white and blue teeshirts and hopefully will sew them up to a ribcage cover thing. I cut the sleeves off the red and white tee shirts and will sew them on the blue teeshirt for the red white and blue sleeves. I then am going to cheat and glue stuff together- I think. You may get a desperate call in the near future.


Clio said...

Mar - For a garment that only needs to be worn once, if it's good enough for Project Runway, then it's fine for a 7-yo Halloween costume! Break out the glue gun as needed!

Karin said...

I'm being a really mean mommy this year. I'm making them get creative with all the stuff we already have in the dressing up box. My excuse is that I am heading off to see my ill sis in NYC and don't have time this year. In reality, it's just a shame to waste what we already have. And I think they have fun coming up with their own stuff.
That said, I am sure your costume will be much appreciated!

Andrea said...

I can't wait to see this finished. I just finished working on the Queen of Hearts Costume for a co-worker's daughter. It was a lot of work, but challenging. I got to get my hand sewing on.