Friday, June 3, 2011

Next Two Projects: Part One

I confess: there isn't much sewing happening on Staycation.  But I have gone running, gotten a mani/pedi, toured MOMA, walked the High Line, gone on a tapas crawl, been to a Mets game and seen the new X-Men movie. So, it isn't like I'm doing nothing, although right now I'm sitting on the back porch while Phin is grilling some kebabs - a very nice kind of doing nothing. Any second he's about to walk through the back door with a glass of wine for me. 

Despite a lack of progress on my dress (um, I don't think I'll be done for my friend's wedding at this rate), I'm positively giddy about my next two sewing projects. Not only are they summery and fun, but they both might be controversial. I'm starting with the less controversial one.

I've been meaning to sew more from my growing collection of Burda-Whatever-We're-Calling-It magazine, and there was a lot to like in the most recent issue. I seem to really be drawn to their warm weather patterns. So, my next project is those easy elastic waist pants that they showed in both woven and knit fabrics.

Burda 6/2011 - 114

The exciting and possibly controversial part is that I plan to sew view A of these pants up with my very fun floral border print fabric that I bought on a whim at MetroTextiles. Now, I know that most people would look at this fabric and think "maxi dress", but for some reason I think "pants!" I'll probably make the legs a bit wider to show off the fabric more.

The one in the front, with the turquoise flowers.

Now, I'm not entirely sure that flower print pants are advisable. And I'm certain that they're different from anything I've ever worn. But I'm hoping they'll be crazy good rather than just crazy. And I trust that you'll tell me if I shouldn't wear them out of the house. Do we have a deal?  Thanks.

Have a great weekend!


Kimbersew said...

yes yes yes!! I'm psyched to see these! -may be worth muslining just so the hem is just where you want it in the border. But lady, if you aren't allowed out of the house in these, you must throw a huge gala party because these will be knockout 'hostess' trow!
and I still want to see the seersucker dress someday! I can be patient though...
great projects!

Clio said...

Ha ha ha - I'm glad someone else is giddy about this too! I have NO intention of cutting into this fabric without a muslin first!

Oh, the seersucker dress is very much in the works! Don't worry about that!

Mar-Mar said...

Love, love this idea! Can't wait to see the final project!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

It is an interesting look and could be carried off with the right top. Besides it's only fabric if you make them and they aren't exactly what you thought they would be! I'm actually intrigued by this idea...can't wait to see them come to life.

Andrea said...

I think it genius to use the print. So 70s style. Way to go.