Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frantic Fun! Or the Victory I Needed

I had to post about the Frantic Fun Run simply because, well, who doesn't love a cow wearing sneakers? Also, it was a small victory after my miserable wadder of a 10k the other week.

I managed to finish this 5k run last night which supports a working historic farm (hence, the cow). It was a cross country trail - meaning that I was running over grass, gravel and woodland, past fields, ponds and event a few bovine observers. I've never run cross country before (city girl used to pavement and asphalt), and it is challenging in a very different way. You can't really zone out to your ipod because you're never running on even ground and have to be constantly on alert for roots, rocks and little divots and undulations lest you wind up wiping out. It was only 5k and, although I was beginning to feel overheated by the end, I pushed through and finished. It was a challenge - frantic and fun! - and I'm glad to have done it. 

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