Friday, February 25, 2011

Mini Project 2: Running My A$$ Off. Literally

I know I haven't mentioned running since I posted about my 2011 goals back in January.  But in this case, no news is good news.  I've been quietly going about my training, on the road to the Superhero Relay. I'm sure it's having an impact on my sewing. First, there are the longer workouts, which means less time at home. Then, when I do get home after a weeknight run, all I want to do is sit on the sofa and eat peanut butter out of the jar. Or Nutella. Mmmmm, Nutella... So, there is less weeknight sewing happening.

An additional side effect of all this running is that my body has changed a bit. All my pants and skirts are a bit too big. Apparently, I am running my a$$ off, quite literally. So, my other mini project over the weekend, after a particularly unsuccessful shopping trip, was to begin altering some pants and a skirt. Currently they are all pinned and waiting to be sewn.

Those of you who sew, do you also alter RTW clothing - either when you buy them or if your body changes?  Do you go back and alter garments that you made for yourself? Tasks like taking in a waist or re-hemming can be tedious (booooring!). I'm wondering if this is the kind of chore I should just pay the local seamstress to do.

Alterations and running aside, last night I did motivate myself to finish pad stitching the collar of my Lady Grey. I steamed it before bed and left it to dry around my tailor's ham to help shape it. So, I am looking forward to a productive weekend of sewing. I hope you are too!


Sheila said...

That's awesome that you are preparing for a marathon. When I lost weight and faced with my clothes being too big, I just couldn't deal with doing the alterations and took a few selected garments for alterations. Eventually, I purchased a new wardrobe, which evolved over a period of months. Now that I sew, its easier to make a garment than alter it.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting a running program (Couch Potato to 5k), so I'm inpsired by your post. Hoping to run my a** off, too!

Clio said...

Just to clarify: it's basically a 10K that I will be running (half marathon done as a relay) - so 6.55miles.

Sewn Wardrobe - Good for you!!!