Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Princess Grey

I'm thinking of renaming the Lady Grey coat "Princess Grey" on account of the vast number of princess seams that I sewed on Saturday. Honestly, it was very satisfying work. Taking the time to do things carefully is rewarding in its own way - seeing each clipped and notched seam go together so nicely and press up without any puckers or pulls.

So pleased with these princess seams.

I made great progress on the coat, but unfortunately for you, it's at the point in the process where it just looks like a jumble of parts. I don't really have an exciting "reveal" photo since there isn't anything completely done.

Some parts l. to r.: Sleeves and belt (both inside-out), back piece and front/lapels.

In addition to sewing all the shell pieces that I could, I also started to sew up the lining (more on this tomorrow or Thursday). And I made slooooowww progress on the hand stiching. By now, I thought I would be doing all the pad stitches on the lapels. But I'm still catch stitching all the seam allowances down.

Can you even see my carefully sewn catch stitching on the right seam allowance? No. Oh well
One thing I will say is this: my hand sewing may not be getting any faster, but my stitches are definitely getting much more consistent and pretty!

I'm really enjoying working on this project slowly and surely. Somehow, it's very satisfying not to rush and to just enjoy the process.

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Faye Lewis said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the process. As you could tell, I was a bit frazzled when making mine. Princess Grey is so fitting!