Friday, January 21, 2011

Positive Body Image: Miss Piggy

TGIF!! I had a crazy week at work and am just happy the weekend is here. I'll post about the lining of my coat next week, but here is just a little bit of happiness for you on a Friday.

Miss Piggy: Fashion Icon

I never appreciated her as a child, but Miss Piggy is a feisty and fabulous heroine, who is not afraid to flaunt her curves. Armed with her signature opera gloves, Piggy knows she is a star, a fashion icon and a sex symbol, and isn't about to let any silly notions about body shape and size stand in her way. She's also not content to sit at home waiting for her prince to come rescue her. Nope. This pig is in charge of her own destiny.

So, I thought it was a stroke of brilliance when I learned that in the new Muppet movie, due out next year, Miss Piggy has left the muppet theater behind to be a fashion editor at French Vogue.  LOL. OH, and apparently Marc Jacobs will be dressing her.

Marc Jacobs and Miss Piggy
Happy Friday, everyone!

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Mar-Mar said...

Love it! Love Miss Piggy! We have the complete Muppet Show series in the house now. SJD loves them...funny how some of this is timeless... I don't think the Muppets would be PC enough today to be produced. There is much slapstick comedy(monsters eating monsters, etc). It's funny what 30 years will do to societial norms. Ms. Piggy has had some updating since that first season, but she is as fiesty as ever!