Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Comes Early for Clio & Phineas

I know I've been complaining about work related travel lately. So, it might strike you as odd that I would opt for a trip that I didn't have to go on. But between the mayhem of Thanksgiving, the holidays looming, and our anniversary (6 fantastic years!) approaching, Phineas and I decided that we really need to get away from everyone and everything - a mini-break from the chaos of the season.  So, this weekend we are off...

What happens in Vegas....? Not very much if I get my way.
If you've ever thought of heading to Vegas, early December is a great time to go. The prices could not be better (deals galore), the weather is 70° and sunny, and the crowds are elsewhere. My plan: spend time with Phin, eat good food, sip wine, pamper myself at the spa, and relax in our hotel room. I will take a bubble bath at some point. If I feel ambitious, I may wander down to the casino or indulge in an evening cocktail. No guarantees. With all the rushing around in November and December, and all the demands on my time and Phin's too, I feel that we just need a little down time with nothing to worry about but enjoying some R&R together.

I'm not really used to the idea of "doing nothing" or "saying no". I am prone to over-commitment. And I don't really get people who don't go the extra mile- afterall, isn't that mile the most worth running? I don't even like sleeping in because I think about all the things I could have done if only I had roused myself at a reasonable hour. This drives Phin nuts. But I'm working on all of this because it is good for me to put my own needs and wants first from time to time. Being good to myself will allow me to be good to everyone else in my life, including Phin.

So, as my Christmas gift to myself, I will be taking care of me this weekend and spending time with the person who takes care of me when I forget to or am too busy. And, with any luck, I will arrive home refreshed and ready to care for the people in my life and celebrate the holidays.

What are you doing for yourself this Christmas?

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Sheila said...

Have a Fantastic time in Las Vegas.