Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ruffles for Her

My sewing machine, adorned with pieces of M's birthday gift,
prior to its construction.

I am nearly done with Magenta's mystery birthday gift and - like her - it is fabulous. I just have a little hand sewing left and (hangs head) I am avoiding it. I sat on the couch, gift in my lap, all of last night, not sewing. I don't like hand sewing (read: I am not good at it). Specifically, I detest the slip stitch, which is used in any number of sewing projects.

Oh how I hate the dreaded slip stitch!

It never seems to come out as smooth or as invisible as it should, and then I get impatient (sloppy). But I won't see Magenta until Easter, so I have time to get it right or at least to continue procrastinating for another week.

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2BSewing: said...

LOL! I, too, detest hand sewing. It's boring, hurts my eyes, fingers get poked by the sharp needle, etc. There is a trick to hand sewing slip stitches and making your stitches somewhat invisible. I'll try to email you or do a special post at my blog. :)