Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pants: Still a WIP

Christmas is really eating into my Craft Lounge time. But I did manage to make another round of changes to the fit of my pants over the weekend that evolved rather spontaneously.

I actually have a little wardrobe crisis happening at the moment. There is a bit less of me to love these days, and the pants I own are starting to look "very not good". So, I decided to see if I could do something to help my pants fit better without a major overhaul. Since my waist and butt seem to be shrinking faster than anywhere else, I took one pair of pants in by altering the back center seam. This solved the waist and butt bagginess in one simple alteration without disrupting any pockets (the pants have pockets on the side seams). Now the pants look good - a nice smooth fit. Perfect.

The pants that I am making have 2 darts on each side in the back to account for my small waist but wide hips. But there was something just not right about how the back was lying, and I was hesitant about moving forward with the project until I figured it out. Since the altered pants fit so nicely, I decided to try the same alteration on the pants-in-progress. I took out one set of darts and instead took in the back center seam, tapering it so that the waist was smaller and the hips had more ease. Voila! Now the pants really fit well!

Anyway, inspired by my double success, I can finally get on with finishing the pants portion of the project and move on to the jacket.

And, over the holidays, you can bet I will be tinkering with all my trousers. I also have a stack of tops that I really like that are also getting too loose. So, there will be a good amount of wardrobe refashioning going on.


Magenta said...

How are you losing all this weight with all this fabulous food cooking in your kitchen? Please share.

Clio said...

LOL - Yeah, it seems kind of crazy, given the amount of pie I've consumed in the last few months.

Hmmm, this probably deserves a post of it's own. OK. More to follow.