Friday, December 19, 2008

Nuts in Santa's Kitchen: Take Two

I'm having a real crisis of confidence in the spiced nut department. On Wednesday night, I made another batch, this time using a recipe by Emeril, which I thought would be a little more main-stream than my spicy version. The only change I made was to replace the cumin with more cinnamon.

I am going to have some victims - I mean, testers - try the nuts out over the weekend. I definitely don't like them as much as the spicy ones. So, we'll see.

If this batch doesn't work out (and even if it does), I am planning on trying the recipe Mar-Mar posted to my comments. Maybe I will find a recipe that pleases all pallets.


Anonymous said...

I just told Jay to get more almonds so we could make some spiced nuts while being snowed in this weekend. I am also going to try my hand a peanut brittle(totally inspired by you, 'cause the last time I made peanut brittle, it was anything but brittle). I bought a candy thermometer this year and I hope that it will solve my soft brittle problem. I was planning to give these as gifts - but with the pending snow storms, I probally won't be seeing my husband's extending family this weekend. I hope the nuts don't drive you nuts(sorry).


Sarah & John said...

Can you post a quick and simple apple pie recipe for me? I need one ASAP and yours is sooooo good.