Monday, November 10, 2008

Clio in 2-D

I never updated you on my pattern drafting class. Here's a recap.

Here's my muslin.

You already heard about week 1. In the following weeks we created our slopers using the measurements we took in week one, and then used it to make a pattern. From the pattern we made a muslin - a sample on cheap fabric - and then tinkered with the fit. Once you have the muslin perfected, you transfer the changes back to your pattern and sloper. So, now I have a pattern for pants that is custom fit to my body. All it needs is style details - pockets, belt loops, zipper placement, etc. in order for it to become real pants.

The class really taught me a lot about the way my body is shaped, why RTW pants don't fit and how I will always have to alter clothing and patterns because of my unique proportions. In fact, looking around the classroom, I realized how different each of us is shaped. No wonder pants don't fit!

Anyway, this weekend, I finally carved out a few hours to tinker a bit more with my sloper; mostly, I was working on the shape of the leg and now I am ready to actually make pants. I'm going to keep it simple for this first run since my focus is on the fit of the pants rather than any stylistic embelishments. I am just going to do a basic dress pants with a side zipper, narrow waistband and no pockets using some black gabardine I bought on sale over the summer. If the pants go well, I will also make a matching jacket from the same pattern I used to make my mom's shrug. Finally, something for myself!

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