Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Little Kitchen Cuteness

Wow, I think this is the longest gap I've ever had in blogging.  It's been a brutal winter. Thank goodness spring is here or at least here-ish.

This is a little project that I did for Christmas, when I was in between bouts of kiddie germ illness and wanting a fun and easy sewing project.

If you follow me on IG (cliophineas), you will know that Taco and I like to bake together. It's a messy hobby and I haven't been able to find an apron small enough for him that I thought was also cute available commercially. So, I sewed this apron for Taco as a Christmas gift to go with a tiny chef set.

I drafted the pattern using a tutorial on Craftsy (here), but made it shorter and narrower than the instructions called for. Also, I modeled the straps after grown up aprons that we own using D-rings rather than an elasticized strap as the tutorial instructs.

Also, I disregarded the sewing instructions so that I could make the apron reversible. The side that Taco seems to favor has animals, and the opposite side is orange with a zebra pocket.

These cotton fabrics have been in my stash for so long that I really can't tell you when or where I got them.  I know that the faux-applique look animal print was purchased long before Taco was a consideration.  So, I'm happy to finally sew something with it.

Overall, this was the perfect project right when I was wanting to sew during the plague-ridden, exhausted winter holidays but didn't feel up to fitting or complicated projects. And, I was so happy with how this came out that I immediately sewed a second one for Taco's cousin who is eight months younger.

Ok, enough me. Here is Taco, helping Phin make pizza on a Friday evening.

And here are a few from Saturday, when we dyed Easter eggs.

He seems to like his new apron and insists on wearing it whenever Phin or I put on aprons, ourselves.

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