Thursday, August 10, 2017

Swimwear: For Those Splashy Days

I had no plans to sew any swimwear this summer.

That's the funny thing about sewing plans, isn't it? They can change on a whim or for a need. In this case, both. Inspired by whim and need I ended up sewing five items of swimwear this summer.

Here's the first. It's a not-a-swimsuit.

You see, when you spend time at the community pool with a toddler, you don't actually get to do much actual swimming. Most days I don't get deeper into the water than my knees, which is as deep as the toddler pool gets. But I still get wet from Taco running over to me for a big wet hug or from playing with him in the fountains or at the water's edge or just sitting on the wet ledge with my feet in the pool watching him play. The same is true for days we play at home in the sprinkler. I always end up running thru the sprinkler at least once.

Parenting a little kid means that some days are just splashy. And I don't always have the will to slather us both from horn to tail in sunscreen nor do I always feel like prancing around in a swimsuit in the yard or at the pool when I'm not going to actually swim. What's a gal to do?

Chalk this up as another why sewing is awesome momentThis is a sundress sewn up in swimsuit fabric. So, it's quick drying, comfy and appropriate for poolside and sprinkler, but isn't a bathing suit. Really I could wear it anywhere - to the beach bar, on a boat or for water-sports like paddle boarding. Now I'm sort of wondering how I ever got along without something like this in my wardrobe.

Anyway, when I wear it to the pool, I do wear bikini bottoms underneath. Wet underwear feels gross. Ewwwwwwww

The fabric is from Spandex World and the pattern is OOP Simplicity 3503, which I sewed once before in 2009 (here).

I made a few changes and enhancements. As drafted, the skirt is gathered at the center front and back. I trimmed down the skirt so that it wouldn't have the gathers, thinking that less fabric to get wet would probably be a good thing.  Also, since I planned to wear it without a bra, I sewed bra cups in between the fabric and lining at the bust. If I had thought of it I would have sewn an elastic band into the seam at the underbust to create a built in shelf bra. Next time. This is enough for poolside.

Photo taking is still a challenge. I've been trying to just get Phin to snap a few pictures whenever we can fit it in when I am actually wearing whatever it is we're photographing, rather than trying for a photo shoot.

These were taken on our way out to the pool. After a minute or two, Taco got bored of waiting with his bucket of trains (which goes with him everywhere, btw.)

A Halloween pail repurposed as a train carrier

So we actually got a few unanticipated "action shots."

Leg hugs

And with that we were off to the pool for splashy fun!

Two more swimwear posts to follow! Stay tuned!

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