Monday, April 24, 2017

Totes for Sure!

One of the great things about sewing is that if you are exhausted from working on a bodice muslin, you can set it aside and sew some quick and easy tote bags. It's even more of a win if you use fabric remnants from stash.

These four tote bags were all sewn up from stash.

These two (above) were sewn from home dec fabric remnants that I bought the very first time I met Oonaballoona. We were both in LA for work and got drunk on fabric at Mood LA.  Because I couldn't decide which fabrics were my favorites, I made the totes reversible. The pocket can be on the inside or outside.

Flip side! Reversible tote bags!

These other two are made from remnants of past projects and are not reversible.

I made a blue wax cloth tote.

It's lined with quilting cotton and has an internal pocket.

Inside the blue wax cloth bag

And the orange cotton canvas one is from remnants from Phin's diaper bag.

It is lined in wax cloth and has fun rainbow straps.

This one might be my favorite.

The only part of these totes that wasn't from stash are the webbing straps. I could have sewn straps, but since I was going for quick and easy, purchased webbing seemed like the path of least resistance. The blue ones are from Botani and the rainbow strapping was a find at Vardhman, a trimming store that I should go into more often.

As you can see, each of these totes is a different size and dimension. That's entirely based on the size and shape of the remnants that I had.  But if you want a tutorial for reference, you can always look at Purl Soho's Easy, Easier and Easiest Totes. For the most part, I made these totes like the Easy Tote - lined, with a pocket and a boxed bottom.

How do you like to use up remnants from projects past? What are your favorite easy sewing projects for times when you feel like sewing but don't feel like a challenge with fitting or fussing? 

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