Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pink Hat Knitting

If you follow me on IG, you already know that I have participated in the #pussyhatproject by knitting up pink hats.

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I love that the knitting and sewing community was so involved in creating a visual theme for the events that took place around the world on Saturday. And while I don't plan on this blog becoming a home for my activism - seriously, I need to get back to some selfish sewing and knitting - I also won't pretend it is not a part of my life.

On Saturday, I pulled on a pink hat and marched in Washington with two of my sisters. My other two sisters and mom marched in NY. I marched because:

I am a human being.

I was born equal and it has only been in the time since my birth that I have been treated as though I am not.

I am more than my sex; more than my body.

I am a mother. Someday I will tell Taco that I was there and why.

I am a mother. By choice.

I am a mother. I want Taco to grow up in a clean environment.

I am a nursing mother. (this too)

I am a sister to four amazing women. I've read the statistics on sexual assault.

I am a daughter. My parents taught me to welcome the stranger.

I am a daughter. My parents taught me to be an instrument of love and peace.

But most of all, I marched because I crave peace. And we cannot have peace until we have social justice for all. Oppression is violent. We cannot have peace for some built on the oppression of others and still call ourselves great.

So I marched. And you are welcome to join me next time.

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