Monday, November 23, 2015

Mojo Retrograde: Transitional Sizing and What to Sew

There have been distinct mojo issues around these parts lately. I've spent a few months in the weeds, not really knowing what to sew and craving all the wrong things. My sewing mojo really felt like it was moving backward.

Taco's 3 month old WTF face. I miss his fauxhawk.

It's pretty annoying to be wearing "transitional sizing" for so long - 10 months of pregnancy and 11 months and counting of post-partum/breastfeeding. I'm sure that in many ways my "old body" is not coming back. I'm cool with that. My body reflects my life's journey. But I doubt that I'll know what my body will look like until Taco and I finish nursing, and that's just irritating when it comes to deciding on sewing projects.

I had been craving sheath dresses and could think of nothing else for about two months. However, not only are sheaths pretty unforgiving when it comes to fit, but I would not be able to nurse Taco or conveniently pump in one. It came down to a struggle between my style and the practical needs of my life right now. I was stuck.

But I recently had a breakthrough. I sewed a silk shirt dress (to be blogged) and am feeling back on track and full of ideas that excite me. As usual, I want frosting. I want beautiful fabric and clothing that is interesting and well made. I'd like the actual sewing to be interesting, if not challenging. Here's what I'm thinking about...

First, I dropped everything, went to Mood with my birthday gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and bought coating when I saw the new Closet Case Patterns Clare Coat pattern.

View A (right) is TDF! So different!
I think the A-line silhouette and raglan sleeves will be pretty easy to fit and not give me much trouble should my measurements change a bit. Plus it's got welt pockets. I love welt pockets.

Next, I feel like there were several patterns released while I was pregnant that would have been right up my alley, but weren't right for me then, including the Nettie, also a Closet Case Pattern. I've been wanting a sweater dress and Nettie's low, rounded neckline will work for nursing/pumping. Plus I feel like this will sort of satisfy my sheath dress craving while being more forgiving in the fit department. Yay knits!

The other pattern I most wanted to sew while pregnant was True Bias' Sutton Blouse. I've been enjoying wearing easy drapey blouses like Sutton since going back to work. I definitely have silk stashed away for a pretty version.

Next, I wear my blue wool trousers all the time and always get compliments when I do. They were a bit out of the box for me style-wise with their high waist, pleats and full legs. But they feel really luxe on and keep me warm on the cold train platform. I'd love more interesting wool trousers for winter. I have two candidates:

Burdastyle 10/2015-105

I love the BurdaStyle wide legged trousers that were in the October issue. And Sewaholic's Thurlows have been on my "to sew" list since forever. I may hold off on the Thurlows, which I think have a less forgiving fit than the wide legged trousers.

Last, I'm, um, having some troubles buttoning most of my jackets thanks to the extra 3" of bust I have at the moment. (Yes, when I keep saying I don't know where things will settle, that is code for "I have no idea how big my bewbs will be post-nursing." Right now they are ginormous.)  So, if I have mojo left after these other exciting projects, I may try to sew a version or two of Butterick 5567 or another easy to sew jacket or topper.  Wouldn't view A (the green one) look great with some faux leather parts? I think so.

Anyway, your guess is as good as mine about how much of this I'll accomplish or if I'll be distracted by other pretties. But to start out, I have this week off and have already muslined my Clare Coat and prepped my wool coating. So, you will at least see a Clare Coat here.

Also, stay tuned for my silk shirt dress.  I'm already enjoying wearing it. I just haven't had time to photograph it.

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