Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Teeny Tiny Taco Booties

Look at these adorable socks I knit for Taco! 

They are Ann Budd's Better than Booties Baby Socks, a free pattern. 

They are designed for a smaller baby than Taco, but I up-sized them a bit by using a larger needle (3mm instead of 2mm) and knitting the foot long enough for his little foot. I think they came out very cute!  


I love the cuff and leg. The whole leg is ribbed, which really helps it stay on, which is important for little feet and little fingers that like to pull socks and shoes off and throw them overboard while cruising in the stroller. I liked the short row heel less. I'm not sure if it's just a matter of technique on my part (it was a different method than my norm) but you can see the little gaps left by the short rows.  They're fine, just not perfect.

I knit these socks up in baby blue My First Regia, a wool and nylon blend designed for babies and sold in mini amounts - enough to knit a pair of baby socks. It's soft and warm, and was perfect for this project. The nylon should help it wear well, which is very good since Taco took his first few wobbly steps a few days before he was 10 months old. Now he's walking (and falling down) all over the house. An early walker is a mixed blessing.

Anyway, I love socks and sock knitting. This was a particularly rewarding make because it knit up fast and looks very nice, despite my little quibbles with the heel. 

Next up: Taco's first Halloween! Stay tuned!

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