Monday, March 2, 2015

Will this Winter Ever End? Or Chili Booties

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my solidly mediocre darning skills on display when I fixed these booties that I knit last year. Since the originals have been worn so often they got holes, I decided to knit myself a similar pair for this winter.

These are my new "Chili" booties, a free pattern from DROPS Design (DROPS 131-43) that you can find here. I knit them up in leftover Cascade 220 Superwash yarn from the Tree of Life Blanket I made for Taco.

Once you decipher the instructions, which are rather hazy, the pattern is very easy.  Essentially, the Chili bootie is a very simple sock, knit from the top down and with a very easy cable pattern down the center front. Since they are knit in a worsted weight yarn, they work up lickety split.

I wish I could recommend this pattern to first time sock knitters as an easy way to learn the basics.  Alas, the instructions are just not user friendly and rather confusing. I had to draw on my knowledge of sock knitting to figure them out. However, the booties themselves are very cute now that they are done. The cable pattern really is rather pretty.  I'm sure this pair will get just as much use as last year's booties.

Worn over striped socks. ha ha ha

It seems like this winter will never end. I've been reminding myself that each day is one day closer to spring. It's a bit hard to get out with such a little one, although Taco and I walk just about every day it isn't snowing or icy. This winter that means there are a lot of quiet days around the house. At least I have some new booties to keep my tootsies warm. 

Next up, a little embroidery project for Taco.


Clio said...

These are so pretty! But I'm not a good enough housekeeper to make socks in a light color! ;)

Clio said...

Neither am I really. But this is what I had to work with. So if the turn grey sobeit!

Clio said...

Pretty and comfy, the best combination!

Clio said...

Until he's a little older, it would not matter what season you are in. Most of your days will be spent quietly around the house, lol. Although, now I come to think of it, as long as Taco is portable, you should do a lot of traveling and errands. Once he's mobile on his own two legs, you'll mostly just chase around after him. You'll wear out lots of socks and booties doing that -- good thing you have a new pair of foot coverings.

Clio said...

If the chasing around phase comes with more hours of sleep, I'll take it!

Yeah, I'm trying to make the most of the stick him in a stroller and go phase. I'm sure the stroller wheels are going to suffer an early end given the mounds of snow I bulldoze us thru!

Clio said...

Do young mothers still use baby backpacks? I had one that was like a hiking pack, with an aluminum frame and waist belt, 25 years ago. It was great up to about 30 pounds -- kept her dainty mitts off of stuff in the stores. Mostly. MUCH easier to carry a baby than in a stroller, and took up less space in the car trunk.

Clio said...

Hmm, I haven't really seen any with a frame, but I know what you mean. We have a "soft structured" one that is backpack-like with the waist strap and can be worn on the front or back. And I have a wrap style carrier too. The only problem is Taco will only go in a carrier for 15 min or so.

Clio said...

The Lorax loved to be carried that way. She felt very secure, yet her arms and legs were free. We even took her on a cave tour at Mammoth Caves in that carrier. I used a front-sling for a while, but she was off the charts for size shortly after she was born, so that did not last too long. Ah, well, each family works out their own best way to carry their babies, and the world continues to revolve.