Friday, January 23, 2015

Too Small (yay! sort of)

About 2 weeks before Christmas, I began knitting a cute little elf hat for Taco. Little did I know that knitting with a newborn is a one-row-at-a-time endeavor.  By the time I finished, Little Christmas had come and gone.
And now the hat is almost too small; it just fits on Taco's head. I should have used a stretchier cast on. But I'm choosing to be positive about the too smallness of it. It's sort of a victory (yay, breastfeeding!) that he's grown out of the hat in the time it took to knit it.

Anyway, the pattern is Red, White and Ewe Elf Hat by Vania Jenny of Knit While He Naps. It's a free pattern and I used leftover yarns in my stash for it.  It could not be easier to knit up and is very cute. I made a few little changes, eliminating the long tassels to make it safe for Taco to wear when I'm not watching like a hawk.  That's about all there is to say about this cute little hat. 

On another note, thanks for all the nice comments about my last post.  My secret to looking well: a husband who has paternity leave. Phin is a HUGE help and we are doing about as well as a new little family could, and better every day. In the last week, I've even found a few minutes every day to think about and plan a few simple sewing projects - looking at patterns, buying fabric and notions online, etc. So, I hope to be posting again soon. Til then, happy sewing, knitting and crafting.



Clio said...

Cute little hat...and Taco is adorable of course...precious picture!

Clio said...

Very cute hat! And a very sweet, cute Taco

Clio said...

He is the cutest baby of all time!

Clio said...

Yay breastfeeding! Bravo! successful work all around-