Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sew Sexy: Just a Few Days Left

So, with the Sew Sexy Sew Along coming to a close on Monday, April 14, I thought it was worth giving a little update.

A few projects cropped up on line this week. First, one of my co-hosts, Wanett of Sown Brooklyn, has posted her final project. Isn't she divine in houndstooth?

Sew Sexy Sown Brooklyn 

I love that houndstooth isn't normally a fabric that one would consider sexy, but that her fitted skirt and cropped top are so fun and playful. Hot!

And here is Suzanne's sexy top:

Deets at Beau Baby

Suzanne actually wrote the original post in 2013 that inspired the sew along.  I love her polkadot and sheer fun!

Lee of the Slow Steady got in on the action with some fundies!

The Slow Steady
And Seamstress Erin made an awesome ceylon...


So, where do I stand.... Well, I had planned to wear my Sew Sexy Dress to the Craft Industry Happy Hour tonight. But alas, when I went to sew on the sleeves, I realized I had made a major blunder.  Illusion net looks the same on both sides and I mistakenly sewed (serged) together two right sleeves. And I didn't have enough fabric for a re-do. Doh!

So my dress is still not quite finished.

But - lucky me - I have all weekend to get this thing done! Like you do too!

If you are sewing something sexy, let us know when you are finished!  


Clio said...

I have not forgotten this! I've just been sidetracked. I assume I can post a bit late? My hope is to sew something this weekend. It's been so long since I've had a chance to!

Clio said...

Of course! We're not so stringent about the rules here. Actually there are not really any rules, just sort of guidelines. ;-)

Clio said...

So sorry about your sleeves. I did the samething with a flannel shirt. Duh!

Clio said...

UGH!! I fuck up with sleeves way too often!! I love that lace! I hope you're able to finish!