Friday, September 27, 2013

Survey Says: We Love to Learn About Sewing!

Thanks to all of you who responded to my Back to School questions. What an interesting conversation! Feel free to keep adding your thoughts.

Here are survey results so far...

How do you like to learn about sewing?
Count      Percent
Sewing books and/or magazines 18 32%
Blog tutorials and/or sew-alongs from non-professionals 13 23%
In-person classes at a local store, craft collective or one-on-one lessons 9 16%
Blog tutorials and/or sew-alongs from professionals 8 14%
Webinars or videos /dvds 3 5%
Other (please tell me what in the comments!) 3 5%
I learned all I need to know in Home Ec! 2 4%
Wait, you mean I don't have to figure it all out on my own? 1 2%

My hat is off to whoever it is who's been trying to figure it out on their own!

Interestingly, in the comments many of you talked about learning from your mother or home ec teacher. However, sewing books and magazines seem to be the learning experience of choice in the poll until you look at blog tutorials and/or sew alongs by both professionals and non-pros as one statistic - 21 responses total.

However,  I suspect that if I had included a box for "all of the above" it would be the most chosen answer. I didn't because I wanted to know the favorite. But it seems like most of us learn in any number of ways. I keep a stack of sewing books, mags and patterns next to the bed, I attend classes in person and on Craftsy, scour blogs for helpful tutorials, and on occasion I've done sew alongs.  

At the end of the day, there really is no better way to learn to sew than by getting some fabric and sewing it up. Right?

And speaking of which, there is some slithery silk which is almost a finished V1247 waiting for me at home.  Plus I'm drafting some design changes to my pencil skirt for my next version. Have a happy sewing weekend, everyone!

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Clio said...

Sewing books and/or magazines - mostly Burda and Polish books
Blog tutorials and/or sew-alongs from non-professionals - after reading Burda, I do the research
And sometimes help from my mom: non-professional but always-call-for-help