Friday, November 16, 2012

Pimp My Skirt and SWAP (or not)

Mere seconds after Marina over at Frabjous Couture posted the schedule for the Pimp My Pencil Skirt Sew Along, I responded "I'm in!" I hadn't even been considering making a pencil skirt up until that very moment. But this is fairly typical of my "what should I sew next?" process.

What hooked me? The opportunity to to draft a straight skirt sloper. I have about half a dozen pencil skirt and sheath dress ideas floating around in my head "for the future", but no TNT skirt pattern. This could be an opportunity to develop one, don't you think? Plus I really enjoyed the drafting/pattern making work of the Jean-ius Craftsy class at the end of the summer. So, the minute I saw Marina's post, it all came together in my head that this is the way forward.

I know I've said it before, but I'm really not cut out for Sewing With A Plan. I'm very good at sticking to a specific project, even if it takes months. But making a whole interchangeable wardrobe? Or a series of garments that all go together? Forget it. Something new and exciting comes along, and I just have to jump at it. Like a pimped out skirt!

How do you make decisions about what to sew next? My decision making is usually more bolt-of-lightning-like. I'll have an idea kicking around in my head (like I kept coming back to my leather jacket pattern for over a year) and then something will happen - I'll see a pattern or a fabric or something someone else made - and it will galvanize things, changing idea into determination. I think this may be why I don't have UFO's; I don't make sewing decisions for practical reasons. It's all passion projects. This is probably why I also don't sew "cake" but only "frosting".  What about you? Do you have a list? Or sew what you need?  Or do you have a different way of deciding what to sew next? Do tell!

My kimono and related lingerie will continue as planned. With all of Thanksgiving week off, I'm hoping to get a lot done. And having a few projects going at once will help, I think. So here's an inspiration photo to get me started. Naturally, it involves leather.

AKRIS leather trim pencil skirt.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Faye Lewis said...

Although it would probably make more sense if I did SWAP, it seldom happens because I know that I'd get bored half way through the process and not finish. I guess I'm more like you, I tend to sew on the fly of emotions. If it ignites my passion I'll track down a way to get it done. Love that leather trim pencil skirt. Mmmmm the skirt hit an emotional cord with me.

T. Sedai said...

Oooh, I bet your skirt is going to look great!

As for me, well, my sewing plans are usually halfway between being snap decisions and long thought out projects. Usually I have a long list of project ideas kicking about in the back of my head, and the desire to make them waxes and wanes depending on a lot of thing (my energy levels, ambiant temperature, what everyone else is doing at the time... you know, random stuff). Whatever project meets the requirements of having pattern, fabric, and desire usually winds up on the top of the heap and that's what I make next.

I think that is why having long-term sewing plans works well for me - I can make a list of things I "need" to make, but I can pick and choose projects as the fancy strikes. It also gives me flexibility to just make something not on the list just because I feel like it. I mean, the projects are all things I wanted to make eventually anyway, but having a general plan prevents me from making nothing but jackets and coats. Which, you know, wouldn't be that bad except for the fact that any time I go shopping (rare, nowadays) I am very picky about fit and usually reject everything I find. So if I am going to have anything resembling an actual wardrobe and not just a coat closet, well, a little bit of advanced planning helps a lot.

I think I have a one-year time limit on sewing plans though - after a year new fabrics and patterns have grabbed my attention, and my sewing needs have changed. If there is something I didn't get to but really wanted to make, well, it can go on the next year's list.

Clio said...

Ha! I love that, Faye! Another Carnival of Skirts entry?

Sheila said...

I am so drooling over the inspiration skirt. As for me I sew off the cuff, despite my many attempts at sewing with a plan.

Nikki H. said...

I have a dresser full of fabric and a plan for each piece of that fabric. I even wrote a list of things I want to make. I don't know how much it could be considered a cohesive wardrobe, but I have a vague direction in which I'm heading. However, which project I'm inspired to tackle next tends to be an off-the-cuff decision. I have so little time to sew that I really need to focus on what moves me or I'll get discouraged.

HouseOFpinheiro said...

me too. how much fun!

Clio said...

Oh good!

mary pepin said...

I am a "passionate" sewist as well and also have no UFOs. I get the bug and have to see it complete before I can go on to the next "bug". I totally understand. A SWAP would put me over the edge but I really admire those who make their collections and see it all through.

Ginger said...

I'm trying to be more of a sewist with a plan because otherwise I'm just drawn to shiny objects and make stuff that hangs in my closet unworn! But I think it's nice to have a balance of the two-- sewing things that you love making and wearing!

That skirt is going to look so cool on you!

Elise Lin said...

I find it hard enough as it is to stick with a pattern... that's planning enough for me! This sew along sounds very interesting.