Friday, September 28, 2012

White Jean-ius Pants Endnote

For some unknown reason, when I was making my Jean-ius Trousers and trying to figure out how to add the darts to the pattern, it did not occur to me to look at the class discussion board - which is searchable - to see if anyone had asked Kenneth King that same question. They did.

Maybe this is because I sew so much Burda and therefore conditioned to just wing it. But here's his answer, which I'm posting for my own future benefit, since it is way better than what I did, which I will not be posting since it benefited no one.
"Very easy. When putting the organza to the jeans, where the dart falls, do two things: One. From the back, measure the depth (take-up) of the dart. Two. Fold out a corresponding-sized dart in the organza that sits directly over the dart, and pin on the dart.. Mark this in pencil as well. Then keep smoothing the organza over to the side seam--you'll incorporate the shaping into the organza that way." - Kenneth King

Thank you, Kenneth! 

Don't you hate it when you finish a project and then figure out a much better way to do one of the tasks that gave you trouble? And it was right there staring you in the face all along? All you can do is smack yourself in the head and yell "D'oh!"

Anyway, I hope you all have a great, d'oh free weekend!


Sheila Powell said...

Great outfit and you look fantastic.

Sheila Powell said...

wait... I was able to leave a comment... woohoo... I have been trying to comment on your posts but was constantly getting blocked.

Clio said...

oh! I hope it's not a problem on my end! Thanks, Sheila!