Monday, July 12, 2010

Permanent Vacation

I've been trying to flex my creativity outside of the Craft Lounge, since there is still family around and my sewing machine is in a box. (Big sigh.)

This weekend my family threw a retirement party for my dad. I was in charge of the favors, with help from my sister, Poly.

Bowl not included

"Permanent Vacation" was the theme of the party. So, for each favor, we created a miniature beach with sand, shells, a cocktail parasol and fishy confetti. We added in a mini bottle of vodka and tied the whole thing up in a clear bag with a recipe for a SeaBreeze.

Here's how they looked all done up:

The party was a blast and, well, you've never seen a happier retiree than my dad.


Elle said...

GREAT idea for a party favor! I'll have to remember this one!

Mary Ann said...

Wow!! That sounds awesome! I am sure he had a great time...congratulations to him!