Monday, April 28, 2008

Wonderful Wedding, Wonderful Trip

Dress 1 of 3; Hairstyle 1 of 4
So, Dr Colin and Mandie tied the knot (3rd time's the charm), this time in Taiwan at a resort near Sinying, the town where Mandie grew up. I tell you, Chinese girls get it right - many dress and hair changes, elaborate photography sessions with additional dresses and venues... it's all very fairytale like.

And did I mention the food? Not your standard wedding rubber chicken dinner. A full Chinese banquet with all kinds of seafood and exotic dishes (abalone, sea cucumber, black chicken, some things I couldn't identify, but were tasty). There were one or two times during our stay in Taiwan when I had to ask Mandie's sister if the dish I was eating was animal, vegetable or mineral... keep in mind this didn't lessen the appeal of whatever it was, and she didn't always know the answer.

Dress 2 of 3; hairstyle 3 of 4

In lieu of a wedding cake there was a champagne tower. However, as is traditional for Taiwanese weddings, we were all sent home with an enormous box of cookies. A tasty reminder of a wonderful day!

Congratulations, Colin and Mandie!

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