Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hemming Marathon

Last night, I temporarily set aside my Amazing Fit Pants, and got down to work on the sarong pants that I'm making for my tropical trip.

One detail that I had conveniently forgotten about these pants is that they require a TON of hemming. Not only are they very, very wide legged (so a very long hem at the bottom), but since they are a wrap pant they are hemmed down each side instead of having outside seams (4 additional hems). Let me tell you: I have never been so happy to own a narrow hem foot for my sewing machine as I was last night! I haven't used this foot very much so far, but last night was excellent practice and saved me an incredible amount of time standing at the ironing board. I will definitely be using it more when I start to sew lingerie, so I'm happy to work out the kinks in my technique on this quick-and-dirty project.

I don't have all that much left to do on these pants. I still have to hem the bottom hems and then add the waist ties. Overall, this project is coming together very quickly, which is good, since I leave for vacation on Saturday. In fact, I've already started laying out my clothing, sunscreen and sundries for packing. Plus, yesterday, the new fins that I ordered from arrived. Unlike my usual fins, which are worn with boots for cold water scuba diving (ie: with a full wet suit), these are "Caribbean" fins, which I can just slip on barefoot and dive in for warm water diving and snorkeling.

Since Phineas, who is my dive buddy, won't be joining me on this trip and I will be with my nephews, who are too young for scuba, I won't actually get any dives in. However, I plan to snorkel at every opportunity (ie: Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roatan, Belize....). Just point me to the fish...

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Sheryll said...

Oh that is a lot of hemming!
But they look perfect for a summer holiday - have a great one!